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Costume designed by Maurizio Millenotti for Valeria Golino in Immortal Beloved (1994)

From Tirelli Costumi

Okay I had to sneak a peak


I have to run out the door in like 10 minutes but I opened up the box and it’s basically STUFFED TO THE BRIM with gorgeous fabric, ribbon, and trims, and holy fucking shit, the colors are perfect for my doll and there’s these little roses made out of ribbon for detailing and ARGH. I think I’m going to post a haul video to show off my spoils or take photos or SOMETHING. 

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tillyfromnowhere said: This sounds like aunties from a modern fairytales for some reason.

hahaha, I like to think of my auntie’s as my fairy godmothers! If it wasn’t for them my childhood would have been incredibly shitty. Technically speaking they are my foster relatives. When my mother immigrated to the United states, she got taken in by their family. However, they could not adopt her, (even though they wanted to) because her father at the time was still alive. 

I still consider them family though, and it was thanks to them that I got to participate in normal American traditions and basically could escape the drama that was taking care of my parents. 

So I could always depend on them for Christmas, birthday celebrations, and stuff. Plus, they were the first ones I went to when I needed mental health treatment, and having two of them being nurses certainly helped get my shit together. I wouldn’t have gotten into college or gone through most of the stuff I’ve managed to work through if it wasn’t for them. 

Also when I was 11 and didn’t get my Hogwarts letter I insisted that Auntie Annie teach me spells. >_< (I know I’m a loser, I still learned how to read runes and tarot cards from her though!)

I am legit super curious but I don’t want to open it in case it’s something fun and I need to rush to work soon

Auntie Jennie is sort of the black sheep of the family. She was one of the first of my aunts to leave home during the 60’s and basiaclly said “FUCK THE PATRIARCHY I AM MY OWN WOMAN” and she’s been traveling all over the country installing and training people on how to use computer software ever since. 

And like… usually from the other aunts I know what I’m getting. Auntie Annie is Pagan so I always get divination readings from her coven. (they each specialize in their own way of scrying) and Auntie Sukey is super practical and logical (since she’s the power matriarch) and I usually get books. Auntie Ellen is sweet and has a bit of whimsy in her, so I always tend to get one nice quality luxury item like a pedicure set or last year a vera bradley wallet. 

But out of all the aunts I know Auntie Jennie the least and I have no idea what kind of present she’d send. o-o I haven’t spoken to her in years. 

So this came in the mail for me!? Ignore my disgusting sweaty face it&#8217;s hot as balls here and I&#8217;m in my nasty work uniform. 
So it turns out I CAN GET MAIL as long as under my name it says C/O (which means care of) and my boyfriend&#8217;s name. 
It&#8217;s from my Auntie Jennie who lives all the way in Washington State and I have no idea what&#8217;s in there since I haven&#8217;t spoken to her in years? I know she&#8217;s a hardcore crafter like me and likes to crochet&#8230;maybe she sent yarn? 

So this came in the mail for me!? Ignore my disgusting sweaty face it’s hot as balls here and I’m in my nasty work uniform. 

So it turns out I CAN GET MAIL as long as under my name it says C/O (which means care of) and my boyfriend’s name. 

It’s from my Auntie Jennie who lives all the way in Washington State and I have no idea what’s in there since I haven’t spoken to her in years? I know she’s a hardcore crafter like me and likes to crochet…maybe she sent yarn? 

List of things I’m slightly miffed about

I still suck at this whole cleaning thing. Woke up and realized there was this nasty mold growing in the rice cooker so I’m bleaching the ever living shit out of it. 

Two loads of laundry are going since the boyfriend and I need clean work clothes, and I’m making myself a super early lunch to bring on bus since I always have to leave around noon or 12:30.  

Let me be frank here, the place is a shit hole. And it’s equally my fault as well as my partners. We’re young adults recently out of college with an apartment that’s furnished by all the leftovers of friends and family. 

When I was a kid I day dreamed about getting my own place and making it look just like I wanted to. But of course getting nice things cost money, and as a kid you don’t think about the compromises you make with your partner when it comes to living expenses, food money, and delegating chores. 

I decided to be fully responsible for cleaning since it’s honestly more of a hassle to have my boyfriend try to help me, but it’s very obvious that I have my own bad habits and never really learned the proper healthy way to maintain a home. 

The biggest problem areas are the extra bedroom that has become a catch all for all the crap that we can’t put away. It used to be a craft room with spilled open cardboard boxes of my crafts, but ever since my boyfriend’s mom brought over boxes and boxes of clothes that I have yet to sort it’s been a hot mess. 

I’ve tried sorting and cleaning this massive pile but it’s kind of hard to do this while I’m stuck in this cycle of maintaining the few clothes we actually wear, and I just want to donate them all. 

BUT said boyfriend wants to try everything on and pick out what fits and what doesn’t and we don’t have time in the day to actually do that. 

I guess I could consolidate and fold everything I need back into the boxes …but I’m not quite sure where to start. Any tips or words of wisdom form the unfuck your habitat community?




Disney Concept Art

Holy hell… these are so beautiful <o.o>

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous…………



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