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wtf the fuck at all of these posts i’m seeing on my dash defending outright emotional manipulation and abuse in friendships/relationships in general.

if you are at a point in your relationship with someone where:

  • they are openly (however…

All of this, I couldn’t articulate my thoughts when I saw comments about how one should put up with people who display abusive behavior becuase of mental illness. 

It made me very angry, since both of my parents suffer form PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and by refusing treatment they ended up raising us kids in a very volitional abusive environment. 

I ran away from home for my own self preservation. I did everything I physically could to get them to receive care, but they stubbornly refused every step of the way. 

The biggest mental block I had that prevented me from leaving was they were my parents and they were sick, and it was selfish of me to want to live in a healthier environment. It would be cruel to abandon my parents who were so sick and unable to function. 

Would you tell a five year old to her face that she didn’t deserve to live in a healthy environment because her parents weren’t really abusive because they suffered form mental illness? 

It’s unfortunate and sad that they’ve gone through so much. It’s painful to have someone you love suffer from mental illness, but god dammit it is not selfish to have a desire to live and be happy. 

I still love my parents. I still care about my parents, but I can’t have a relationship with them if their behavior continues to hurt me. Don’t you dare call me insensitive or selfish. I’m just trying to stay alive. 

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There’s a difference between being generally harsh on newcomers and being fed up of answering the same questions because n00bs can’t use Google. I love new people, new blood is great. Just *think* before you ask. Try searching first and then ask if you’re using the right search terms. Don’t be lazy and expect people to just hand you knowledge that’s only a click away if you tried to find it yourself.


I usually just politely link them to where I found out my info. As a newbie going in I was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information and I wasn’t sure where to start, and needed a cliff notes version for basic info. 

That’s why Asenva’s videos were so great. When I first got into the hobby, I watched all her videos religiously to figure out what size would work best for me, what supplies I needed to maintain and care for my doll, what vendors sold dolls in my country since I wasn’t ready to buy directly from the company ect. 

Google is great and all, but the hobby is SO dense and multi faceted, a quick google search is like getting slammed with an entire encyclopedia set. Even established hobbyists learn something new ever day. 

One time when waiting at a cafe for my sisters

A group of elderly gentlemen were at the table next to me, laughing and talk about the good old days, and how the world was changing. They didn’t view the future in a negative light. In fact they were excited and in awe of how technology was evolving and how innovative the current generation was. 

I thought it was a pleasant surprise, considering how it’s common for the older generation to rag on the other since we all can be afraid of change. But the one thing that stuck with me, and I’m not sure why, is when they were finished with their drinks, one of them took his chair and placed it at my table. 

He said “So you can have a friend.” 

I thought the gesture was really sweet. 


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I hate when people wanna get mad at poor people for buying nice things like y’all middle class people are acting like that new pair of jordans or concert tickets were the $250 bucks someone needed to not be poor anymore like am I supposed to were tattered rags and not entertain nor enrich my life to be poor you really can’t invest $100 might as well get your hair done


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Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

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