I started thinking about food because

My friend wants to design a children’s book on healthy foods. Since she’s a graphic design major, and a nutrition major she wants to make a school program where she shows kids what foods make you tired, and what foods make you stronger. 

I think if you give a literal good reason for kids they’ll actuallly listen to you. I know I responded a lot better to my dad saying. “You should clean your room because it’s only fair to do your part of the work” 

And you should actually live by what you say and show them. 

I dunno, this whole talking to my dad thing is getting me thinking about how I’ll raise my kids, since I really don’t agree with how my mom raised me, and my upbringing has always had this weird tension between my mom and dad. 

I didn’t learn shit. My mom did everything for me, and didn’t show me how or let me do it on my own until  one day she suddenly expected me to know how to do it all by myself. (since she thinks growing up just happens when in reality, in her culture older siblings and neighbors and the town raise your kids communally)

Dad wanted us to be raised Chinese not Cambodian American. He wanted to put all the kids to work the minute they were old enough to use there hands. Everyone knew how to sew, everyone knew how to cook, everyone knew how to do laundry, and iron their own clothes, and they took rounds. 

It was fair because EVERYONE had to do the same thing for everyone else. And the younger you were you had safer tasks like prepping veggies, and sweeping, and as you got older you got to use the stove ect.

I think my parents had a hard time translating their own values into American Culture.