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Yes, you can call them a "dark skinned Asian" but technically thats racist. Their country may be included in what the world calls "Asia" but those "dark skinned Asians" you keep talking about actually have a name to their RACE!!! Get it right or STFU!!!


I’m Khmer aka Cambodian. The first two girls I linked were Cambodian aka someone from my heritage. I take no offense to being called dark skinned. If you are also Khmer and are offended then I apologize.

I however, do not see how being called dark skinned is a bad thing. Other Khmer’s and Indians out there, thoughts?

If anything I get angry, when people don’t call me “a real Asian” just because I happen to be darker. (other paler east Asians do the same thing) I’m getting sick of people saying I’m hispanic or mexican.  Most people I encounter who are Khmer share the same sentiments.

So I’m pretty damn sure I have a say in what Khmer’s and other South East Asians are offended by. You don’t need to tell me what I should be offended by.

Also Indians, do you mind being called Asian?